Lillian Stewart Carl
Wildside Press
November 2000
ISBN 1587152681
Reviewed by Kay Martinez

book cover

MEMORY AND DESIRE is more than just a mystery. It is the story of bonds of friendship and love that reach beyond death. Melinda Varek is missing and presumed dead by her best friend Claire Godwin. Melinda has disappeared after appearing in a local play connected to the history of Somerstowe, England. Claire, a school librarian from Texas, comes to Somerstowe to investigate Melinda's disappearance.

The setting is wonderful, Ms. Carl describes the village of Somerstowe and the English climate so well that this reader felt as if she were viewing a film. The characters, both major as well as minor, come to life clearly with all their traits, quirks, and foibles helping the reader understand some of their actions. The mystery kept me guessing until the last few chapters where I had an "AHA! moment" just as I suspect the author intended.

There are some "woo-woo" elements involving ghosts, Witchcraft, and alternative beliefs. I found them both interesting and believable, leaving me wanting more information.

I heartily recommend this book, and hope to read more from this author. I only hope that at some future date she will re-visit the friends of Somerstowe, catching us up on their lives since this book.

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