Welcome to MurderExpress.net! My name is Elizabeth and I've been a devoted reader of mystery/crime novels for longer than I can remember. More than a decade ago at a time when I was unemployed, I needed something to do to fill my time while I was job hunting. I had joined the DorothyL mystery email list and discovered so many "new" authors I wanted to share with as many people as possible, so I decided to create a web site for fans and authors of the genre. What you see here was what I came up with.  Since I'm now gainfully employed, I no longer have the free time to keep everything up-to-date.  But I didn't want to just discard all the work I've done, so I'm keeping the site up as sort of an "archive" that visitors can browse through.  I hope you will find my selections interesting and varied enough to come back and explore more than once. Even if you only discover one new author that you enjoy, your life will be enriched beyond belief.

-- Elizabeth Henze (December 2010)


Now, without further ado, ALL ABOARD the Murder Express!!!







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